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How much should you feed our fish?

Feeding Your Fish

How Much Should You Feed Your Tropical Fish? Feeding tropical fish 1 – 3 times a day is enough. However, you should be careful of...
Aquarium PH Scale

How To Control Your Aquariums PH Level

Did you purchase a new aquarium? If so, you will need to make some preparations, before you are ready to add fish. Congratulations on...
Fish Anatomy

Swim Bladder Disease Information for Tropical Fish Owners

The swim bladder is a unique part of the fish that contributes to buoyancy control. Its primary function is to make sure that the...
Brine Shrimp

Growing Brine Shrimp for Tropical Fish Food

Brine shrimp deserves to be considered by the tropical fish industry as the single most important food item in the whole world. This is...
Nitrogen Cycle In Aquarium

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle (The Complete How-To Guide)

Have you ever wondered why experienced aquarists, after buying a new aquarium, leave it for a few weeks with only decaying dead shrimp or...