About Fishkeeping Advice

logan behind his aquarium

Welcome to our fishkeeping hub! Since 2015, our mission has been to enhance the fishkeeping skills of 10 million enthusiasts by blending global expertise, from casual hobbyists to professional aquarists. We aim to simplify the aquatic realm with our streamlined guides, which are perfect for beginners who are new to the hobby or veterans who are looking for their next aquatic jewel. Our guides cover everything from lively freshwater fishes to majestic saltwater species. Whether you’re looking to master fish care or navigate tank challenges, we’re here to guide you.

Our aim is to provide you with easily understandable insights that inspire and refine your underwater journey. If you’re eager to chat or show off your tank, we’re just a message away and excited to exchange stories or highlight your aquatic marvels.

Join our community, where every splash counts towards mastering the art of fishkeeping. Let’s embark on this adventure together and turn your aquatic dreams into vivid reality.

Happy fishkeeping!

Our Team


Logan Price

Founder & Hobbyist

As a fellow fishkeeper, I understand the challenges that come with maintaining a healthy and happy aquarium. That’s why I’ve created Fishkeeping Advice to provide you with accurate and helpful information. With my years of experience, I’ve learned from my mistakes and am eager to help you avoid the same pitfalls. By following my advice, you can ensure that your fish thrive and that you can enjoy this wonderful hobby to the fullest.


Andrew Silver

Writer & Educator

Andrew has an impressive background in animal care and education, making him the ideal candidate for providing exceptional care to your beloved fish. He has worked at esteemed institutions such as the San Antonio and Phoenix Zoo, as well as having taught middle school science. He has maintained his private collection of reptiles and fish for over a decade.


Justice Akagbulem

Writer & Aqua-life Nerd

Do you know someone who is passionate about marine life? Meet Justice, a gifted writer with a deep fascination for the seemingly mundane yet captivating lives of fish. Justice spends his time observing aquariums and taking mental notes while also indulging in fantasy books like The Sun Eater by Christopher Ruocchio. His passion for aquatic life is apparent in everything he does.

Your Local Fish Store

Local Supply Partner, Vancouver

Your Local Fish Store is a family-owned business led by Darrin Stewart. Their mission is to provide high-quality products and livestock to freshwater enthusiasts. They offer personalized advice and support to ensure that fishkeepers’ aquatic journey is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible. Their goal is to blend education with exceptional service.