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10 Quirky Tank Decorations To Add Some Style To Your Aquarium

Your aquarium is not just a home for your fish to enjoy, it’s also a decoration. A decoration that you have complete control over. It’s your underwater world and you can style that world however you want to.

An easy way to add some character and a style to your aquarium that suits your personality, hobbies and interests is to add some tank decorations.

Aquarium decorations and ornaments can completely change the feel of your aquarium while at the same time, giving your fish something else to explore and play around with.

Yeah, we agree that some fish tank decorations can look oddly out of place and tacky (for lack of a better word) but they don’t have to. Here are 10 unique and quirky tank decorations to add some style to your aquarium.

Battleship Wreckage

battleship fish tank ornament

Add both a nautical and a historical element to your aquarium with this sunken battleship ornament. It has plenty of cracks and crevices for your smaller fish to explore and it’s realistic looking design can serve as inspiration for the world war history fanatic.

Hobbit Inspired Home

fish tank decorations

Did someone say Lord of The Rings themed tank?

There’s no need to stop at just the Shire. Add a volcano ornament to represent Mount Doom and some simple aquascaping to arrange yourself a Fangorn Forest and make your very own Middle-earth. Perfect for fans of the LOTR and Hobbit series.

Broken Egyptian Vase

aquarium ornaments

Another one for the history buffs. This broken Egyptian vase measures in at 8″ x 4″ x 5″, making it ideal for 10-gallon aquariums and above. The realistic details make it the perfect centerpiece for a clean, minimalistic and history inspired aquarium.

The large open space is perfect for small to medium-sized fish to hide inside and the unique shape and coloring is sure to keep them curious for a while.

Easter Island Stone Head

stone head tank decoration

It’s a common one, sure, but it’s a classic. The Easter Island stone head ornament is found in aquariums all around the world.

Add some Polynesian flavour to your aquarium and let the intimidating figure bring protection and a watchful eye over the rest of your tank. Don’t forget to give him a name!

Hand Painted Castle

castle fish tank ornament

Another popular aquarium ornament found in tanks all over the world is the castle, but not many are as detailed and as well-crafted as this one from Penn Plax.

The 14-inch tall, hand painted castle will dominate the skyline of your aquarium, providing visual interest for both yourself and your fishes. The holes, cracks and crevices will give your fish plenty of obstacles to engage with to prevent boredom and the stunning details will serve as a legit piece of artwork for you and your visitors to enjoy.

Ancient Buddha

For those looking for a peaceful, feng-shui feel to their aquarium, you can’t look past the ancient buddha ornament. Buddha brings peace and tranquillity to any room, so do both yourself and your fish a favour by adding some Eastern zen to your aquarium.

It’s hand-crafted and made from non-toxic materials. If Buddha is not your style, you can still get your Eastern philosophy fix from their other choices: Ganesh, Cambodian Warrior and Ancient Thai Warrior.

Ancient Vase

Another fun decoration to add to your ancient ruin themed aquarium is this Ancient Vase from SPORN. The huge open spaces provide plenty of extra space and obstacles for your fish to explore and the detailed design makes it an eye-catching and interesting piece of art decoration.

Ancient history buffs will surely appreciate this one.

Submarine Shipwreck

Again, if nautical and world war history is your kind of thing, this submarine shipwreck ornament will transform the feel of your aquarium. With its interesting shape and design, your fish will have plenty of spaces to safely explore and play around in. The high-quality resin material is easy to wash and is completely non-toxic, making it perfectly safe for your fish, your plants and any other marine life you have in your aquarium.

Crashed UFO

space tank decorations

Because if Extra-Terrestrial life was going to visit earth, it would be your aquarium that they visit first, right?

Perfect for the sci-fi and space fanatics, this crashed UFO ornament is ideal for providing a dark, safe space for your fish to relish in and enjoy some peace and quiet. Dig it into the gravel and surround it with live plants to add a science fiction feel to your aquarium.

P.S. It’s not just for kids tanks, so yes, you have permission!

Alien Skull

Want further proof that your aquarium was visited by Extra-Terrestrial life? It will be impossible for your friends not to believe you when they see the sunken remains of an Aliens head buried to the side of a crashed UFO.

You wanted quirky and this certainly fits the bill. Themed tanks can look incredible when they are done correctly, so if you are interested in a sci-fi themed aquarium, is there anything better than a UFO and an Alien Skull?

Do You Own a Themed Aquarium?

We would love to know! Comment below and let us know what ornaments and decorations you keep in your aquarium. You can also share your pictures with the community by sending us a message on Facebook.

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